American Endurance Racing at Watkins Glen 2018

The American Endurance Racing at Watkins Glen 2018 event represents the first outing with our new BMW 325is race car, the #92. Joined by a great group of drivers and with the assistance of RRT Racing, we were able to field a car that was well sorted and well balanced.


After inches of snow fell on Thursday night, the rest of the weekend shaped up to be amazing. The #92 performed well throughout the weekend running consistent 2.19-2.20’s allowing it to be a competitive class 3 car. Saturday’s race started with a bit of pandemonium created by a crowded track, cold tires and colder temperatures, but the #92 managed to avoid contact and once the grid could spread out, started to stretch its legs.

Sunday’s race was much cleaner with many more green flag laps allowing the drivers to find their rhythm. A mechanical failure towards the end of the day concluded the run for the car, but overall it was a great first weekend with a lot of data obtained that can now be reviewed and analyzed so that we fully prepared for the next event at New Jersey Motorsports Park.


Thank you to our drivers: Carla Lebentritt, Zack Moore, Matt Deming, Billy Kennard, Andrew Wikstrom and Anthony Maganoli


Thank you to our sponsors for helping to make Watkins Glen 2018 happen and for their continued support through the season

OG racing


RRT Racing

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